Skin Tightening

In medicine, much of what we think is new has been thought of before. In Paris, during the early 1830s, a new movement called “la chirurgie radicale” was being developed to help improve the lives of “monsters”—people disfigured by burns,

Autologous Suspension Threads

Dr. Diane Duncan shared her insights at the 2017 IMCAS Americas Conference on using autologous tissue manipulation to create both skin surface area contraction as well as directional molding of superficial soft tissue. The concept of suspending and lifting tissue

IMCAS 2016

Dr. Duncan recently returned from Paris, where she was a featured speaker at The International Master Course for Ageing Skin (IMCAS). Having a passion for clinical research, Dr. Duncan is part of an elite group of physicians chosen to perform

Dr. Duncan Reveals Her Non-Surgical Treatment to Remove Fat Cells

Dr. Duncan does clinical research and product development studies for medical device companies all over the world. The Israeli device, BodyFX, causes fat cells to selectively die when treated with radio frequency energy. As nonsurgical medical devices evolve, treatment results more