Female, Breast Augmentation Patient

“While I knew my surgery would help me look much better, I did not anticipate that I would make me feel so much better. Not only do I think I now look good in clothes, I actually feel good in them. I can’t wait to get dressed each morning. Because of my naturally boyish shape, I have never really felt “feminine” my entire life. I have suddenly discovered that I love being a woman, I like lingerie and lace, cute pajamas and scented lotion. I wear a little more makeup and jewelry. I take time for baths. And I actually enjoy each and every process. I finally feel feminine. I have also become kinder and gentler. I am more caring loving. When you performed my surgery, you did more than just open my closet, you opened my eyes and you opened my heart. This surgery has absolutely changed everything for me. Everything. Thank you.”