A rhinoplasty is usually considered a correction of a deformity of the nose. It could be cosmetic–intended to merely change the appearance of the nose–or, it could be functional, intended to improve breathing problems associated with the structure of the nose. Internal correction for breathing problems usually involves a septoplasty or turbinectomy. Fort Collins Plastic Surgeon Dr. Duncan specializes in cosmetic nasal correction, which can be done using surgical or minimally invasive techniques.

Most people with imperfect noses complain that their nose is “all they can see” when they look in the mirror. Overly large noses, those with “humps” or “beaks”, and noses that “have a ball on the tip” are the most common concerns. The nasal contour should blend with the rest of the face, and in most cases, should not be the “outstanding” feature. While men usually like a strong, straight nose, most women prefer delicacy and a slightly concave contour in profile.

A rhinoplasty can improve:

  • The appearance of a nose that is too large or is misshapen
  • A nasal bridge with a hump, beak, or lack of definition, such as an Asian nose
  • A nasal bridge that has an irregularity due to trauma
  • A nasal tip that over projects or has a bulbous look
  • Poor support at the base of the nose, resulting in a drooping tip
  • Breathing problems associated with a crooked septum, previous fracture, or large turbinates that may swell and block the flow of air inside the nose

Managing expectations:

A rhinoplasty can greatly improve the look of a nose, the breathing function, and the balance of the nose with the rest of the facial features. However, because the basic bone and cartilage structures will not be altered, it is not possible to “paste” a new, totally different nose onto your face. Some of the characteristics of your old nose will remain. You can expect improvement, but not perfection, with a rhinoplasty.

Generally I perform open rhinoplasties. There is a much greater opportunity for finesse and precision in a result when direct visualization of uneven cartilage or a bony hump is used. A minor correction, fat grafting for asymmetry, or skin resurfacing does not require an open technique.

Rhinoplasty will not correct:

  • Wrinkles around the nose and mouth (see laser resurfacing, injectable fillers)
  • Wrinkles at the root of the nose and between the eyebrows (see Botox, Brow lift)
  • Disproportionate facial features caused by lack of chin or cheek projection (See fat grafting, chin or cheek implants)

If you have problems with your nose and would like to discuss them, please contact our Fort Collins cosmetic surgeon at the Plastic Surgical Associates in Fort Collins, Colorado today to set up your initial consultation.