Facial Fat Grafting

You may benefit from a Facial Fat Grafting if:

  • Your face always looks old, sad, tired, or angry
  • Your face is looking hollow, long and boney
  • Your cheeks have lost their fullness
  • Your lips are thin
  • Your face is sagging

What can facial fat grafting do for you?

  • Make you look younger, less sad, more alert, even happier
  • Fill the hollows and restore balance to a face that’s starting to look long and thin
  • It will proportionately fill out and slightly firm up your face
  • Give some level of “permanent” improvement, lasting 5-10 years or more

Erbium laser resurfacing can greatly reduce wrinkles and give your skin a youthful, dewy texture


This 68 year old patient had a nasal deformity, facial soft tissue atrophy, skin laxity with fine wrinkles and neck laxity. To correct, this patient had facial fat grafting, erbium laser, rhinoplasty and a modified necklift.

Other procedures that may help as well:

  • A Necklift will recontour your jowls and jawline while eliminating a “turkey gobbler” neck
  • Eyelid surgery can correct excess upper eyelid skin and repair bulging fat pads and dark circles under the eyes
  • Fat grafting is as much an art as a science, and few plastic surgeons have experience and skill in this remarkable procedure which provides results unmatched by any artificial filler. To learn more about this procedure, consult our Fat Grafting Questions page, then contact our Fort Collins Plastic Surgeon at the Plastic Surgical Associates to set up your initial consultation.