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  1. Brazilian butt lifting has become very popular; many request that fat taken from one area be transferred to the buttocks to create a higher and more shapely contour.
  2. While some people use implants, fat grafting has become more popular as a way to reshape flat or sagging butts.
  3. Cultural differences and individual taste can determine how much fat is injected; remember this intended to be a lifetime result.

Buttock Enhancement

Real Patient Story

This 33-year-old mom had three children and wanted a mommy makeover. While her abdomen and breasts were a major concern, her flat buttocks had always been a source of embarrassment. She was hoping that the little bit of extra fat that she had could be used for a butt lift and augmentation.

Left: Patient before treatment. Right: 2 months following butt lift and reshaping with patient’s own fat. Size increase was limited due to a limited amount of fat available.

Cultural concerns were apparent for this patient, as she did not want to look fat or have a “big butt”. She felt she could now wear jeans or a swimsuit and look normal.

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While this is not a huge concern of mine, I would like to have a shapelier backside. What is the most cost-effective way to get there?

36-year-old with a flat buttock region. She was having liposuction of another body part. The most cost-effective way to have buttock enhancement is to “recycle” harvested fat with fat transfer to the buttock region. Left, before treatment. Right, 6 weeks post fat grafting to the buttocks.

What is the difference between implants and fat transfer, costwise and in terms of longevity?

Buttock implants cost about $8,000 to $10,000 in California, slightly less in Colorado. Fat transfer, depending on time and the amount harvested and injected, usually runs about $5000 to $7000. Implants can migrate or rupture. A more extreme definition can be achieved with implants. Fat grafting usually creates a more conservative result. Generally, with fat grafting there is little maintenance.

Do you do XL butts like Kim Kardashian?

No, we do not. Our patient population tends to be athletic and small to medium size. No one really wants to look fat or matronly. Dr. Duncan specializes in body contouring with a tasteful and classic look.

What about cellulite? I want to have a better-looking butt, but I have a lot of cellulite that shows through in my clothing.

Left: 28-year-old before treatment. Middle: 3 days postop, improvement. Right: 6 months following treatment with RFAL.

This patient was concerned with excess fat as well as cellulite. By removing fat that bulged against the skin, then tightening the skin with radiofrequency, significant improvement of the skin surface as well as her buttock and thigh contour has been achieved.

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