Our Staff


Clinical Manager

Sara attended nursing school in Kansas City, Missouri.  She prides herself on her Midwestern upbringing and helping others.  She is a wife and mother.  Sara enjoys Colorado outdoors, exercising, her friends, family and faith.  She currently has added the occupation of modeling for Dr. Duncan’s PerkyLift.



Nurse Practitioner

Ann is our Nurse Practitioner and specializes in feminine rejuvenation. Being a female herself, Ann is very knowledgable about the common issues females tend to face, and is well versed in the different types of treatments available.






Registered Nurse

Perla has recently joined our team as our Recovery Room Nurse. She earned her degree at the University of Northern Colorado. Perla’s passion is people and she is there for our patients from the beginning to the end of their surgery. As a Fort Collins native, Perla enjoys staying active, hiking, going shopping, and spending time with family and friends.





Marketing and Sales

Kara recently joined our team and has become our Marketing Miracle. She moved to Fort Collins from Omaha, Nebraska after pursuing a degree in Marketing and Management. Kara ensures our online presence is professional and that our patients receive all necessary information before, during and after their procedures. Her free time is spent hiking throughout Colorado, cooking, and blogging.




Systems Manager (Pro Pinch Hitter)

Dani is in the process of getting out of Boulder, and considering moving back to the Fort Collins area. She shadows during clinic time, assists and the front desk, assists the circulator in surgery, and is the professional supplies, noms and other errand ‘picker-upper’.


Bookkeeper/ Accountant

Chris is our offsite bookkeeper/ accountant who lives in San Diego. She has been with Dr. Duncan for 20 years. Chris pays the bills, does our payroll, watches the schedule, and makes sure that the business aspects of our operation flow smoothly.

Chris has an unusual ability to get things done without on site supervision. She is one of our most valuable assets!