About Dr. Diane Duncan

Diane Duncan is a board certified plastic surgeon with a focus on attention to detail, and an innovative and aesthetically oriented practice style. Her best treatment recommendation will give you a long lasting result with a single treatment session. Other options include minimally invasive approaches, many of which she has pioneered.


She understands the challenges of a busy lifestyle and multiple responsibilities that can restrict recovery time and budget. Many people don’t want the risks, scars, and need for general anesthesia that might accompany full surgical approach. A third option in some cases can be a totally nonsurgical approach to the problem.

Dr. Duncan is an educator and teaches other surgeons around the world to improve outcomes and adopt new, more effective techniques. She frequently travels to Europe, Asia, and South America as well as coast-to-coast here in the US for this purpose. She conducts FDA level clinical trials and IRB endorsed studies. She is on the editorial board for the Aesthetic Journal of Surgery, and is a reviewer for many other peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Duncan trains other surgeons at her Fort Collins location as well as on site in other locations. She has performed surgery and minimally invasive procedures around the world. Her charitable endeavors have taken her to Bhutan, Central America, and the Middle East. Locally she has worked with the Fort Collins police department in the gang member rehabilitation effort.

Her ability to connect with each individual patient and family has earned the practice many repeat customers who also refer their friends and family. A focus on the individual’s needs and desires is the standard for the entire staff. While her multiple certifications and years of experience make her very competent and qualified in all aspects of plastic and cosmetic surgery, her caring for the individual is what makes her practice special.

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